Introduction: Halo Reach Mark V Armor

This is a brief description on how to make a costume from EVA foam tiles. Hopefully my pictures will provide good reference on how to solve pesky parts or how to achieve a certain look. This is my suit create last year from foam. Well, here's just an extremely brief tutorial on how to make your own armor, costume, or anything else you can think of from simply foam tiles, misc parts, and glue. Due to the extreme time frame and difficulty of such a project, this is a very brief description of how to.
1.) Using templates from online or models of your own, trace the parts onto EVA foam tiles.
2.) Cut them out using either an exact o blade or a snap-off carpenter's blade.
3.) Assemble the pieces using a glue gun, being careful not to use too much!
4.) Cover the finished pieces with a coating of Plasti-Dip spray and paint.
5.) Add any other details such as lights and decals.
That is the most basic of ways to create a set of armor from these foam tiles. 
The Helmet was made from a pepakura model hardened and smoothed with Bondo and resin.
The entire suit was later airbrushed with simple black paint on the edges.
The rifle is partially a modified nerf gun with a wooden lower receiver, stock, butt, and "mag" The ammo counter assembly and barrel assembly are styrene and other misc household things. 
-50+ Foam Tiles
-100+ Various screws for details
-15+  Cans of spray plasti-dip and paint
-150+ Glue gun sticks
-10 ft of blue EL wire
This complete costume would have to be broken down into numerous step by step tutorials to be complete, but I would like this up here for some constructive criticism for suits to come!

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