Introduction: Hama/Perler Bead Monte Carlo (Destiny)

This is my perler/hama bead recreation of the PlayStation exclusive exotic auto rifle from the popular FPS video game, Destiny. It took a while to make, but it was worth it in the end! No patterns were used to make it apart from a couple of pictures of the weapon itself off of Google. Patterns in the instructable were made by me. Hope you like it!

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Step 1: - Layers 1 and 3

I am not sure how many beads are needed but:

The white from the top front to top back ( connected to stock) is 45 beads long.

The black bar on top is 31 beads

The lowest point is 19 beads below the black on top.

Colours needed:



Light grey

Dark grey / Dark metallic grey



Make 2 identical pieces.

Good luck!

Step 2: - Layer 2

This layer is identical to the others but has no major markings. Make one of these.

(You won't need to do gold or yellow)

Step 3: - Scope

You will need only whites.


Step 4: Ironing

This is possibly the trickiest step in the entire instructable.

Put your iron on and set it to about 4/5 of full heat.

Cut a sheet of baking paper large enough to cover it (or use Hama bead paper)

Place baking paper on beads, so there are no creases.

Iron until beads are joined but not fully melted.

When done, leave to cool then flip over and repeat for the other side.

When ironed both sides, put on a flat surface with a heavy object on top to keep it flat (optional).

Repeat for all except the scope.

With the scope, iron normally but so the beads have quite a thin 'lip' on each end. Try and iron each bit evenly so as not to make it hard to put together.

When finished, put one side of the 'cross' into the slot on top of the sides. It should stay together, if not, then repeat but with no slots in the sides and just a line of 3 beads instead of a cross.

Step 5: Gluing

This step takes a while if you use PVA; not so long if you use hot glue.

Position the layers like a 'sandwich' - with the identical ones either side of the one with the sword.

Make sure the sides match up - if not, you might have to make another one so they do.

Then, remove the top two layers and put the top one aside for a moment.

Spread glue (PVA or use hot glue) on the side of the bottom one facing up.

Position the middle layer over it and press down hard. Repeat for the top layer, gluing the middle layer.

Then place a heavy object on top (I used a pack of A4 paper) and wait overnight (if you use PVA) or for 5-10 minutes or so if using hot glue.

When you return, the sides should be firmly stuck together with no gaps and no raised bits.

If any gaps are present, put hot glue in and press it until it sets.

Bumps or raised bits don't matter too much if they are small, but big ones may mean you have to restart.

Step 6: Adding the Scope

If you did the method without slots, just glue the 3 bead long section into place , at the top of the sides.

Glue each side to the black section on top of the gun, above the 'ejection port'.

Make sure it lines up with the foresight - (the white bit at the front)

Press or glue the cross into place.

Step 7: Finished!

If it worked for you, well done!

If not, please message me with what and where it went awry and I'll try and fix it.


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