Hammock Chair

Introduction: Hammock Chair

Hi I'm kenny vanbrabant
and I am a student at the high school of Kortrijk

There I follow the training industrial product designer

I have been ordered to create a hammock chair that I can take everywhere

and less than 5 kg of weight has

In addition, they recommended to me to bend the wood where you have a hollow bottom Gets

the material necessities
MDF board

a piece of textile

a plate- like paperboard

a piece of rope

one piece construction hold



a piece of wool

2 clamps

2 O rings

Step 1: Wooden Frame

As you can see I above a wooden frame made from MDF in doing so, I made 6stukken

1 pieces as support with the sizes 60 cm used as grain

2 pieces small pieces at the ends with the sizes 19 cm

2 pieces that are a bit longer in order to obtain my leaf shape with sizes 30 cm

1 large piece in the middle with sizes of 36 cm

In each piece I have a slot made where I can insert the 2 pieces which slot is in the middle of each piece and is as wide as the thickness of my MDF

Finally I have everything nicely glued with strong wood glue

Step 2: De Steel

After I've made
there of course could not have that shape steel lack that I made from construction wood I mounted de steel on the ends with screws and wood glue

To make sure that everything stays securely in place I have it still clutching and again everything beautiful equal sanded

Step 3: Wood Pleats

Then I folded cardboard wood yet before that I let the plates completely

soaking by water to make it easier to do bending then I the platten attached

with small screws to the wood construction

Step 4: Protection

Then I 4 holes
drilled in the bottom where I still have a piece of metal plate mounted

as extra sturdy heid and all taped up with duk tape

as additional protection for the water

Step 5: Finishing of the Hammock Chair

Then I stuck a piece
of wool on the seat, enjoy a soft bottom and finally finished with a green fabric that I have sewn to each other and to top it off I have to work a laces used as veins

Step 6: Mount Rope

the ropes are in 2
shared the first part that is always the swing hangs which is that a piece of 1 meter long where there hangs a O ring O ring that stays in place by hanging because the clamped by a clamp piece

and the second part
of 7.5 metres become made a fixed a pulley with a knot further confirm your also the pulley to the O ring for you to hang them together also to use the pulley to set height by the rope through cuttings and at the desired height to make a button in

Step 7:

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    Ooo looks like an elvish swing to me with the leaf motif. Awesome job, and welcome to instructables!