Hamster Homes and Toys




Introduction: Hamster Homes and Toys

Hamster homes dont have to be bought from pet shops. They can be made for free.

Step 1:

Use a spread tub and wash it out. Cut a hole or two in the lid. Fill with shredded paper and put your hamster favourite treats in. The hamster will have lots of fun searching for food and feels safer as he/she cannot be seen from above.

Also, to make a house / bed, use the same type tub, cut a hole in the side and turn it upside down. Put some shredded tissue in it and the hamster will make its home nice and cosy. Poke some holes on the top for ventilation and for condensation to escape. One instant house. I painted my first one in a cottage style.

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    3 months ago

    That´s clever and simple.
    I'll do that, as a toy while I clean the enclosure.