Introduction: Hand Beaded Hair Vine

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Hi friends!

Today we will make a wonderful Hand Beaded Hair Vine. Just select a party and I'm sure you will look amazing in it!

It ends with two loops that allow you to fasten it securely in your hairstyle with bobby pins. Ribbon can be attached at ends of wreath and ties at the back into a bow for an adjustable fit.

Let's start!

Step 1: What You’ll Need

  • Thin Craft Wire Rose/Gold/Silver
  • Pearl Beads 4mm and 6mm
  • Seed Beads 2mm - White and Gold
  • Ribbon

Step 2: The Base

Measure your head circumference and subtract about 5cm. (I took 50cm)

Take a long piece of thin wire and fold it 3-4 layers. Twist it and make a loops at the ends.

Step 3: Start Beading

For the beading, take a 1.5m of wire and start from one end.

Pick out a certain pattern of beading.

  1. Add the first pearl
  2. Hold it between your thumb and fore finger and twist by 1cm
  3. Twist together a few times: the central wire and the beaded wire
  4. Add the next bead (in our case 5 seed beads)
  5. Place in position on the wire so that you have enough length to do a 1cm twist
  6. Twist around base a few times

Step 4: Start Beading

Depending how you twist the wire and how often you add beads, this project can be accomplished in a few hours or a few days

Step 5: Try Another Method

Follow your pattern of beading and start placing beads through the gauge wire (1.5m long). Secure one end not to lose them.

Now take one bead and twist for 1cm, measure 1cm over and make the next twist, so you will obtain a long branch of beaded wire. After, twist it around the base.

For best results, choose the more easy end efficient method for you: to work one by one, or to make a long branch.

Step 6: The Ribbon

Cut approximately 40-50cm of ribbon. Tie it in the back passing through loops.
So the wreath will be adjustable and can fit any size.

I hope you like the idea as much as I do, and don't forget to share your results with us!

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