Introduction: Hand Carved Car Cake

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The thought of creating a carved cake may seem like a daunting task, but they're a lot easier than you think. It all starts with a good template. I was asked to make a Mustang car cake, and while I do think I should've made it more slender, it still came out great! To make any car cake, find the make and model of the car. You're going to need to make a template by tracing or printing the outline of the car. You need two stencils, one side angle and one front angle. I also like to cover the stencil in packing tape and cut out the stencil (my way of laminating the stencil). The full tutorial is posted above so feel free to watch it and subscribe to the channel! I love the love <3

You'll Need:

Car stencils (front and side view)

2 or 3 layer of sheet cake (baked and cooled)

Cake turner

Carving knife

Frosting or ganache

Fondant (Car color, black, grey)

Silver luster dust or edible paint & paint brush

Step 1: Carving

Stack and fill the cake layers. Place the laminated stencil against the cake and use a long carving knife to carve the shape of the cake.

Round the four corners of the cake and cut an angle from top to bottom to create the proper width of the cake. Continue to place the stencil up against the cake to know where to remove the space for tires.

I used a cupcake corer to remove the space for the wheels. This is the most important part of the process so remember to take your time and carve away any special characteristics of the car using a smaller knife. You can also create a small indent where the windows would go and cut away a small space for the license plate.

Step 2: Ganache Coating and Fondant Finish

Once you've finished carving the cake, coat the entire cake in a thin layer of frosting or ganache and refrigerate or freeze for about 20 minutes.

Apply a thicker layer of frosting to the cake and use any cake scraps to fill in any spaces that could use it. This is also great for sculpting the cake. Make a cake dough by adding small amount of frosting to the cake scraps and kneading it with your hands or in a food processor. Using this dough you can add special characteristics to the cake and create the desired shape.

Roll out the colored fondant and layer over the cake. Start by smoothing the top of the car to push out any air bubbles and continue to smooth the fondant out all around. Trim the fondant all around. Tuck in the fondant that lies over the tire space, this will be covered by the actual tires.

Step 3: Decorate

Tires: By hand roll out 4 balls and flatten them just enough until they're are about 3/4 inch in thickness. Indent lines into the tire and use grey fondant to make the rims. Paint the rims silver and allow to dry before placing them in the designated tire space.

Use the template to cut out the proper size and shape of the windows then apply them to the cake. I used a thin rolled piece of red fondant to outline the doors and other lines on the car. Pinch and shape two small pieces of fondant to act as side mirrors. For head lights and rear lights use the template to carve the desired shapes. You can also add red and yellow fondant dots to act as lights.

This is where you get creative, go as detailed or as simple as you'd like. Just remember to have fun. When you're done, place the cake in the refrigerator or steam it to get a shiny finish.

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