Introduction: Hand Crank Torch.

It is the torch which is light up by rotating a motor. My build is very simple just follow the steps.


  • 1.gear motor
  • 2.full bridge rectifier
  • 3.capacitor (6v)
  • 4.button
  • 5.led


when we rotate the motor the energy will be induce but motor can be rotated anticlockwise r clockwise causing change in polarity here we use a full bridge rectifier and get a positive and negative polarity no matter in which direction the motor is rotating. The positive of the LED will be connected to positive of capacitor and rectifier and the negative of led will be pass through a button and conct to the negative of capacitor and rectifier

the systematic is given in next step.


it is a life saver need no cell or batteries to be changed r replaced you just need to crank is as fast as you can

Step 1: Wiring.

Just see the systematic and use it as a guide and connect all the joints carefully. When you need light in emergency situation just crank the torch and no need to worry.

Step 2: Box.

just cut some card board piece as shown in diagram. Fit the motor and other components in it and stick led on front side. put the button on any side wall and make the small handle attach it to your motor and start cranking. This will generate electricity.

Enjoy your creation and now you not need to worry about the light issues.

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