Introduction: Hand Made Coasters

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Welcome to my tutorial for hand made coasters! This is a great project for the entire family and a great way to have useful, keepsakes from all your travels.

Before Covid, I have been traveling and collecting coasters from all the different places I have been. It is a cheap way to bring back a new "souvenir" without spending money or clustering your home with cheap nick-nacks.

I really enjoy items that have multi function and are reusable, so these magnetic coasters are perfect for everyone, so let's get started!


1. Sheet magnets or self stick sheet magnets ( I purchased a roll a long time ago and not needed ).

2. Any kind of CA Glue ( Krazy Glue, Gorilla Glue, etc ).

3. Coasters from your travels.

4. 3 2 1 Blocks ( Or anything heavy to press down ).

5. Scissors.

6. Mod Podge, or Clear Packing Tape ( Optional ).

Step 1: STEP 01 Coasters

As I mentioned I like to collect coasters from places I have been to make magnetic coasters. Pro tip! You can always ask the establishment to have new and clean coasters. They are always willing to part ways with them since they "advertise" for the establishment they came from.

If you are going to use wet cups, bottles, etc. if would be a good idea to protect the surface so it will not be damaged by the water or drink.

You can do this by either using clear packing tape, or Mod Podge. For this tutorial I skipped this part but you all get the idea, it is not hard at all!

Step 2: STEP 02 Gluing the Coaster

Start with the sheet magnets, cut out a square slightly larger than the coaster. Self adhering sheets are available and if that is easier for you then by all means use that instead. I already had a roll of non stick magnet sheet so I used that for the project.

Take your CA glue and use a generous amount of glue on the backside of the coaster. Then stick the coaster to the magnet and add weight until the glue dries and the two pieces are one.

I use my 3 2 1 blocks, but anything heavy can be used for this step. Usually takes a good 10 minutes.

Step 3: STEP 03 Trimming

Once the glue is dry and the coaster is stuck to the magnet you can use scissors to trim off the access magnetic material.

An x-acto knife can be used for this however I have found that following the edge of the coaster with scissors is much easier and faster.

Step 4: STEP 04 Use the Coaster

So that is that! Super simple and fun way to make an awesome item.

1. Souvenir - Free and practical memory that can live in a space amount of space.

2. Coaster - Who doesn't love a great looking Coaster that can spark a conversation with friends and family?!

3. Magnet - A neat magnet to hold up important notes or that perfect candid family vacation photo!

Thank you for following along with my project and feel free to leave me a comment or question and I will be more than willing to help answer them, until next time. Cheers!