Hand Made Paper Doll

Introduction: Hand Made Paper Doll

As I was thinking of a new beauty in my room, I thought of this magnificent doll.

Material Required:

1) Tissues

2) Thin Copper wire

3) Some Quilling Strips

4) Colored Paper

Step 1: Cover the Stickman

The stick man shown above is the base or the starting of your doll. First of all you have to cover this stick man with tissues.

1) Open the tissue as shown above and cut it in two parts.

2) Fold one part as shown above and cover it on the stick man as shown above.

3) Now make a ball of tissue and make its face as shown above.

4) After covering it again make a strip of tissues and cover the head, as shown above.

Step 2: Make Frills of the Doll

After you have covered the stick man you have to make its frills.

1) Take one-fourth of the tissue and make a frill as showed above

2) You would need 15-20 frills to make its dress.

3) Now paste the upper part of the frill on the doll as shown above and keep pasting till you find the dress over.( You can see up for more help there is the final dress photo)

Step 3: Decorate the Doll

After you have finished the dress-

1) Make a broader strip as shown above and paste it tightly on the place where the frill is pasted as shown above and end the strip behind the body.

2) With the help of quilling strips decorate the body as shown above. (You can make more decorations on the body of the doll)

3) With the help of two black crystals make the dolls eye.

4) Take some colored paper and cut a circle. Fold the circle and cut a small hole as shown above. Know with the help of quilling strips make a big circle as shown above and paste it on the hole as shown above. Your hat is ready. Put it on the the dolls head.

Your doll is ready.

May you like it.

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    Ooo she's so pretty! I just wish there were some in progress pictures, it makes it so much easier for someone to replicate your awesomeness!