Introduction: Hand Painted Candle Holder

An ideal homemade DIY gift idea.

Step 1: Materials Needed

1. A small sized glass .

2. Glass colors.

3. Glue which is not very free flowing.

4. Glitter, any prefered color.

5. Embellishments (decorative stones).

6. A tea-light candle.

Step 2: Start Designing.

Make outline designs of your choice on the glass with the glue. Let it dry for few minutes.

Step 3: Glitter It.

Dust glitter on to the designs made by glue, let it settle and dust off excess glitter.

Step 4: Coloring.

Fill in the glass colors within outlines.

Step 5: Surface Painting.

Color the rest of the area with the help of a brush to avoid overflow of color.

Step 6: Embellish!!!

Add some decorative stone stickers to complete the look.

Step 7: Perfect Homemade Gift Is Ready!!

Put in a lighted candle to have a preview of it and voila!! A perfect gift is ready to be be packed.

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