Introduction: Hand Painted Mason Jar Flower Vases

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I found few mason jars lying around at my parents' place which were used to store honey. As it was Holiday season I thought of using them as flower vases. Another idea also came to my mind to hand paint these jars with 3-D out-liners and nail polishes to make them more attractive. The image you see here is the outcome of transforming those simple mason jars in to beautiful flower vases.

These hand-painted jars can also make a perfect gift for special events

Step 1: Materials Required

  • Mason Jars
  • Black and White paints (50 ml each)
  • 1/2 inch Paint Brush
  • About half a liter of Enamel Thinner
  • Different colors of Fevicryl 3-D cone out-liners
  • Different colors of Nail polishes

Step 2: Clean the Jars

The jars required cleaning and removing the labels.

  • Place the jars in a pan and add water to entirely cover the jars.
  • Keep them in water till the labels peel off from the bottle.
  • Using a scrubber, remove any traces of paper or glue on the surface
  • Allow the jars to completely dry before starting hand painting.

Step 3: 3-D Painting the Mason Jar

Now, using the Fevicryl 3-D out-liners, make designs on the outside of the jars.

  • You can make outlines of any designs you like.
  • The out-liners also can be used to fill designs.
  • Allow enough time for the design to dry before starting on the other side
  • You can cover the entire jar with any design you like using different colors
  • After finishing, keep the jar in a safe place to dry

Now our Mason jar with hand-painted 3-D out-liners is ready

Step 4: Paint Inside the Jar

Painting the inside of Mason jars will make the designs more attractive

  • Using an 1/2 inch brush, paint the inside of the jar. Here I have used white paint to cover the inside. You can use any color of your choice for this.
  • Allow the paint to dry before using it as flower vase.
  • Any paint stains on the rim of the jar can be removed with enamel thinner
  • Wash the paint brush with the thinner after painting

Step 5: Black-paint the Jar for Nail Polish Sketch

I have used another jar for hand-painting with nail polish.

  • Use black paint to cover the outer surface of the jar
  • Allow the paint to completely dry
  • Use the enamel thinner to clean the paint brush

Step 6: Paint With Nail Polish

  • Using Nail polish make designs on the outer painted surface of the jar
  • The nail polish dries up quickly, so use caution while painting
  • Do not over-do or crowd the surface with designs

Now our Nail polish painted jar is ready

Step 7: Add Flowers

As the designs on both jars are completely dried, you can use them as flower vases.

Here, I have used these hand-painted jars as flower vases as part of our Christmas decoration.

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