Introduction: Hand Rocket or Rocket Launcher

I made this project because of i can do it . This project is a combination of physics and chemistry . Lets start and we will use some formula for physics chemistry and maybe you can learn somethink from my project .

Step 1: Lets Design Rocket and Other Thinks

First lets start with some good old paper work

1) Barrel: I use a aluminum pipe for barrel but it doesnt matter it need to be a pipe

2) Rocket: I use classical KNO3 and white sugar formula for fuel but i find out that if you add enough water it burns faster . And i add napalm to front of it i will tell how to make napalm and the fuel

3) Ark Burner: I feel that i need to burn the rocket with electricity but you can burn it with lighter but i want it to ready to fire any time . I use 18 V battery to make sparks and burn the rocket

(You can see all of them in the pictures as blue prints)

Step 2: Lets Make the Rocket and Rocket Fuel

First lets start with the body of it i make the rockets body with cylindrical paper and duct tape this is the easy part lets get to the fuel and napalm.

1) Fuel: For fueal i use 6 parts of KNO3 , 4 parts of white sugar or C6H12O6 and 5 parts of H2O(water) mix them until the sugar and KNO3 dissolved in water. Now take a frying pan and heat it up at the lowest level now pour the water mix to pan and mix it while the water boiling. After some time water will boil out and left some yellow or white half solid mix this is our fuel. Now take the cylindrical rocket and fill it with fuel

1. Mix 6 parts of KNO3 , 4 parts of white sugar or C6H12O6 and 5 parts of H2O(water)

2. Mix them until the sugar and KNO3 dissolved in water

3. Boil this water in a pan and mix it while boiling

4. After water boils out take the yellow clay like think to and other conteiner

5. Fill the rocket body with it

And you can calculate how air will effect to our rocket with a formulla(k×A×v×v) k means atmospheric thinks like air moisture and air temperature but we dont need to calculate it because somebody did it for us in the internet it says 1.5 to me and A means our rockets surface area we will find it from pi r2 h (3,14×0,5×0,5×7) it is 5,495 and the last one velocity i found that our rocket makes 30 m/s so lets calculate. k.A.v.v= 1×5,495×30×30=4.945.5 it is somethink like that huge number but if know how much pascal effects us every day you may suprise.

Step 3: Napalm

Napalm: For front of the rocket i put some napalm. Napalm burns for long time ask it to vietnamese dudes. Now how to make it first we need styrofoam and a glue that made out of petroleum like bally or you can use gas oil.

1. Put styrofoam into a dry container

2. Add glue over the styrofoam do it slowly

3. Go on with that until styrofoam becomes somethink like clay like in the picture

4. And take that napalm to another container

That is it for napalm

Step 4: Ark Burner

In the first ark burner i tried to make somethink like heater but that doesnt work at all so i think that i can use sparks like in the atomic bombs but how does it work you can say i will answer it now.

1. We need battery i use 18 V

2. And cables need to be unconnected in the first place but they need to ready to be connected

3. You need to touch two cables when you want to make sparks

4. Do as i and my blue print and my video says

(it looks easy but i work 5 days just for ark burner)

Step 5: Hand Rocket or Rocket Launcher

This is the end i hope you can do this project or maybe you can create somethink with it. Anyways lets put them in a order like my intro picture and i add 2 videos of rocket launching. It can goes up to 25m with the right angle. I cant find anythink to say so just watch the videos and thanks for reading my project and may the force be with you.

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