Introduction: Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Procedure to install hand sanitizer dispensers on the rear door modesty panel.



San Jamar Hand Sanitizer Dispenser - Part# S890TBK - Quantity 1

Installation Hardware Kit - Part# HKIT123 - Quantity 1

  • Phillips Screw - Quantity 1 - 6-32 x 3/4"
  • Phillips Screw - Quantity 2 - 6-32 x 1"
  • Nylon lock nut - Quantity 3 - 6-32
  • Washer - Quantity 6 - #6

Hand Sanitizer - Part# J59874S - Quantity 1


Drill Bit - 5/32"

Socket - 8mm Deep Socket

Screwdriver - Phillips

Step 1: Install Decal


Remove dispenser packaging and install “Hand Sanitizer” decal as shown

Step 2: Remove Tape


Cut and remove double stick tape covering the mounting holes. Use the key provided with the dispenser to open the dispenser and remove the bottle.

Step 3: Drill Holes


To mount the dispenser, align the drill template, mark and drill three holes using drill bit size 5/32”.

Step 4: Install Dispenser


Install dispenser using the installation hardware kit (6-32 x 3/4” as the top screw, 6-32 x 1” bottom two screws, three nylon lock washers and six #6 washers). Install screws from the rear of the modesty panel with one washer on the rear of the modesty panel and one washer and nylon lock nut on the inside of the dispenser.

Step 5: Install Dispenser Bottle


Reinstall the bottle and insert the nozzle end into the holder. Ensure the white ring at the bottom of the nozzle is below the holder.

Step 6: Fill Dispenser


Remove bottle cap and fill bottle with hand sanitizer, replace cap and close dispenser. Cover should lock into place and not open unless key is used.

Step 7: Test and Clean


Test dispenser for proper operation and clean up area of debris. Please keep a dispenser key and turn the rest of the keys into your supervisor after installation is complete.