Hand Saw From Mini-Hacksaw Blade

Introduction: Hand Saw From Mini-Hacksaw Blade

1. Mini-hacksaw blade
2. Joint pliers
3. Wood dowel
4. Duct tape
5. Rubber bands thick
6. Heavy duty cutter or snips

Step 1: Remove Pins

1. Using the joint pliers remove the small metal pins from both sides of the of the mini jack saw blade.
2. A good way to do this is to crush the pins between the jaws of the pliers.
3. Then pull on the pin to remove it from the hacksaw blade.

Step 2: Tape Blade to Dowel

1. Tape the blade to the dowel
2. You can is any length dowel. Depending on your needs. I choose to cut one down to 6 inches
3. Leave about w inches of the blade hanging over the edge to give the blade some support
4. Wrap a cable tie around the blade and dowel towards the end of the end of the dowel where the blade hangs over the edge. This will make it easier to grip.

Step 3: Secure With Rubber Bands

1. Using the rubber bands secure the hacksaw blade to the dowel.
2. Wrap each one as tight as possible.
3. 8-10 rubber bands should supply a good amount of force to hold the blade in place.
4. It will also serve as a hand grip when it is used.

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