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this is where u need to come if u wanna learn easy hand sketching. In this project there r step by step instructions to draw a hand!

Step 1: A Rough Outline

First, draw a rough outline of a hand as shown, you can take a look at your own hand in that position.

Step 2: Completing an Outline

Now, take a look at the minute points and complete the outline as shown. U can make some changes according to u.

Step 3: Rough Shading

Now, look at the picture above and take the help of pensil shades to show the darker and lighter areas. The part inside will be cocomparatively darker than the one outside.

Step 4: Final Touch

If u have completed step 3, u have almost finished ur drawing. Now your outlines must have got lighter. So with a darker shade(use the same pensil but just push a bit so that to give darker shade), and retrace the outlines. Give a nice border and u are done

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