Hand Stitched Leather Key Case




Introduction: Hand Stitched Leather Key Case

This key case was made from Vegetable tanned cowhide and dyed in a yellow color. It took me about 5 days' part time to finish it.

Step 1: Cut the Leather

I cut the paper for the shape at first, and then cut the same shape of leather, then cut the corners round. The color of leather is original now.

Step 2: Add the Lining

This lining is made by cork, and the thick is about 0.5mm, cut the same shape of the biggest leather piece then glue on it.

Step 3: Dyed in Color

I use alcohol dye on the leather. use a small sponge dyed 3 or 4 times. after one night drying, covered a tan coat.

Step 4: Install the Buttons

I use the plier for installing the buttons

Step 5: Sewing

saddle stitched

Step 6: All Finished

All steps are finished. Thanks for watching. If you have questions and suggestions, please leave comments below.

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    3 years ago

    where did you source the key hanger hardware?