Introduction: Hand Warmer for Wheelchair User

This is part of an ongoing quest to keep my son warm in the winter.

It is not easy to put gloves or mittens on, but, by son's hands get awfully cold in the winter. Whatever the solution is - he still has to have enough dexterity to be able to drive his wheelchair. So here is my current attempt... the concept is to strap a store bought handwarmer to his hand.


Step 1: Prepare Pouch

Cut the top off an old sock. Sew one end. Turn the sock inside out to create a pocket.

Step 2: Prepare the Elastic

Measure around the hand to get the length of elastic to cut. I cut off a piece that was the size of his hand knowing that I would overlap about 1/2" when I sewed it into a loop. If I do it again, I might cut it 1/2" less than I measure - plus overlap by an 1/2" for a tighter stretch over the hand.

Step 3: Put It Together

Sew the elastic loop onto the pouch. This is a little tricky since you only want to sew the loop on to one side of the pouch -- and NOT sew the pouch together.

Step 4: Done

Stick a handwarmer in the pouch. Slide the elastic over the hand and voilà! you're done.