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Introduction: Hand Wash Reminder

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The Hand Wash Reminder is a hand band which reminds you to wash your hands after every 20 minutes. It has three color modes , Red indicating hands to be washed,color fading mode(30sec) for rubbing the hands for 30 Seconds and Green for the washed hands.

Hand Wash Reminder is made using a Arduino Nano,a WS2812b LED and a home made Vibration Sensor. Whenever a person wants wash his/her hands they have to shake their hand with force so that vibration sensor detects the vibrations and triggers the reset of the Arduino board. As Arduino is reset the program comes to the initial values and starts. First the fading colors are lighten on the LED for 30 seconds which acts as a timer for rubbing our hands for 30 seconds, after fading mode Green color lights on the LED it stays for 20 minutes indicating that your hands are washed,after 20 minutes LED lights with Red color indicating that your hands are not washed. The Red color stays until you shake your hand and wash your Hands.


  • Arduino Nano(1)
  • WS2812B LED(1)
  • 3.7V/5V Battery(1)
  • ON/OFF Switch(1)
  • Single Stand Wire(1)
  • Watch Strap/Hand Band(1)

Step 1: Making a Vibration Sensor:

  • Take a single stand wire remove the coating.
  • Make a spring using the wire.
  • Also take a straight wire of length same as the spring that we made.

  • Solder the spring and wire as shown in image to RST and GND of the Arduino board.

  • Make sure that wire is inside the spring and not touching the spring.

  • Using plastic tape cover the pins which are under the spring so that spring does not comes in contact to them.

Step 2: Circuit Connections:

  • Make all the connections as shown in circuit diagram.

Step 3: Code:

  • Open the code in Arduino IDE make sure to install FastLED library in the Arduino IDE.
  • Connect the Arduino to PC,select the board type,select port and upload.
  • After the code is uploaded make sure everything is working.
  • Code Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/2/folders/1d3itqS8eqzampLdijzbZ3kxzm6JHmvlm

Step 4: Assembling:

  • 3D print the given STL files: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/2/folders/1d3itqS8eqzampLdijzbZ3kxzm6JHmvlm .

  • Make a strap using the clips and belt or you can use any other strap that you have.

  • Assemble everything with the help of glue.

Step 5: Note:

  • You can adjust the sensitivity of the band by adjusting the spring and the wire on the board.
  • Adjust the sensitivity such that it should not trigger during the normal work, it should only trigger when the hand is jerked with a force.

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    2 years ago

    it's was good.


    2 years ago

    Everyone owns a smart phone. Therefore everyone has a countdown timer on their smartphone...not disparaging your instructable, you did a good job, but it seems superfluous to build something when there's something better already available. It's like brushing your teeth with a stick when there's a tooth brush in front of you.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Yes our smartphone can do this task without any fail. But smartphone cant replace the hand watch, because smartphone may cause unwanted disturbance during the work time,also its not good for children's.This band can be used by children's and adults. It doesn't make any unwanted disturbance or attraction, it only disturbs you when you want, same as a hand watch, whenever we need time we look at our watch for 1-2 seconds only. I have tried to make the circuit small so that it can be fixed inside our normal hand watch but due to insufficient material this circuit came to be big that's the only drawback. But for a smartwatch developers it would be very easy to include this feature.

    Thank You!


    Reply 2 years ago

    It's a good product, don't get me wrong. And. I like the ible. It's well documented.


    2 years ago

    really smart