Introduction: Hand Made Iron Man Costume

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I wanted to wear an Iron man costume for a birthday party but the problem was the cost! If I wanted to buy one on ebay or elsewhere it was quite expensive.

I just bought the mask for 10€. 

Then I bought a unibody lycra red costume and some fabric paints.

I add some spare blue led so I did a cheap heart and a lighting mask.

The cost is about 40€

Step 1: Lighting the Mask

I have done a really poor job on the mask but I have done it really fast as I had a week to do it !

No switch just a magnet!

no batteries handler just cable straight soldered on them!

For a night it was enough if necessary I could improve it.

Step 2: Let's Paint the Unibody Costume!

First I tried the unibody lycra costume as it is stretch I carefully put marks on some body parts to see where paint should be applied!

As you can on the picture fake muscles look good ! it is my best ever 5 invested € :)

I am not skilled in painting and the iron man costume is quite complicated to do if you want to be accurate! I had just one week so I follow so main part of the official armor and then I improvised!

Step 3: Final Version

Who said Iron Man couldn't dance :)

So Ok for some people I was spiderman :S lol but it was great fun to try doing it and you know what I used it for halloween as Iron Man Zombie.

So enjoy and try it :)

PS: Just one more thing, I FORGOT THAT THERE WASN'T ANY ZIP TO GO EASILY TO THE TOILET but anyway I managed :)

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