Introduction: Handcraft Sterling Silver Kissing Fish Braided Bracelet & Braided Anklet

They are easy and fun to do! Good luck!

Step 1: Prepare the Materials:

Step 2:

Prepare two red cords. Both 2 cords are 2m long. Braid snake knot starting 18cm from the beginning of the cords. Click here to see the snake knot instructions.

Step 3:

After about 2cm or so, add three beads. Then continue braiding with snake knot.

Step 4:

Tie a button knot when you have the desired length of bracelet. (Click here to see the button knot tutorial) And then, thread the kissing gourami fishes and bead as shown in the photograph, and tie a button knot. Now, repeat the same step on the left.

Step 5:

Compare the left to the right, keep them as equal length, then add three beads then braid snake knots. After both sides with same lengths, add three beads. Then continue braiding with snake knot.

Step 6:

Stop braiding when you reach your desired length. Tie a flat knot to secure your braid with another red cord. Click here to see the flat knot instructions.

Step 7:

When you finish braid, trim the excess strings and burn the tails.

Step 8:

Tie an overhand knot after thread small bead on the cord. Make sure the knot is larger than the bead so that it will never be slipped out of the strings.

Step 9: