Handcrafted LOVE Book (from an Old Photo & Leftover Supplies)

Introduction: Handcrafted LOVE Book (from an Old Photo & Leftover Supplies)

I'm from Philadelphia and I have a dear friend who is also from Philadelphia but has since moved.  To remind her of back home I handcrafted a writing book using some old craft goods I had lying around the house.   Here's how to make one yourself:

Step 1) Gather up any old photo.  I used a photo that didn't come out quite right in the darkroom (I'm a former photography student). Glad I saved as it came out useful in this project!  The photo is of the LOVE statue in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love.  I knew this would remind my friend of home.  Choose any photo that is special to you and your loved one.  How about a photo from  your wedding day or birth of your baby?

Step 2) Blow up the photo to an 8x10 size.  You can print the photo on your home printer or at a local store.  (This photo was already an 8 x 10 so I skipped this step).

Step 3) Adhere the photo onto 8 x 11 1/2" cardstock to use as the cover using acid-free glue.

Step 4) Adorn the photo/cover with embellishments.  I used some foam stickers, some appliques left over from a sewing project and scrap paper cut into a heart design.  Adhere using an acid-free glue.  Have fun in this step and be creative!  I was going for the love theme hence the hearts :)

Step 5) Gather up some paper lying around the house or purchase some that you want to use as the inside of the book.  Paste the top of the paper using some white glue to form a book.  You may also choose to sew or choose another bookbinding method here.  I choose something simple to not take away from the photo and embellishments on the front of the book.

Step 6) After the book block (the inside pages) have dried, you will adhere the front and back cover (choose a sturdy cardstock for the back, similar to the front) and adhere together using a piece of book cloth or spare fabric leftover in your house. 

Step 7) Write a note on the inside for your loved one.

This project is easy to make and can be done with items you have from leftover crafts and office supply extras.

Have fun, create a book for your friend or loved one.  These are also a great way to involve your child in a fun project and you can create one together for your child's teacher.   

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