Introduction: Make Handcuffs From a Suitcase

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If you have that leather suitcase which has buckles, great! I can't think of anything better than making handcuffs out of it. Sure you can use it as a suitcase, but.. Why??

These i find quite often in trashbins, people seem to not use them anymore. Are they carrying stuff in plastic bags or something? Probably. So it's time to go with the flow! Buy plastic bags and prepare your gear..

You'll need:

those buckles

leather hole puncher (or a drill)

a chain

glue (i'm using superglue)


D ring buckles




Step 1: Measure It

So let's say we already have those two parts from a suitcase and we need to measure the lenght. On the third and fourth picture you can see i drew two lines. We'll be putting rivets between them so there has to be enough space. Here it is 5 centimeters.

Personally i buckle up first it in the middle (so if my friends want to use these cuffs, they can go up but also down) and then i measure and cut.

Then there's the fifth picture with a green line. Glue it together now, it will be easier to work with it later.

Step 2: Seams and Corners

You should immediately glue any seams to prevent unseaming after cutting.

Then make corners more rounder for safety.

(yeah and for the third picture: maybe you'll need that part which has been seamed to the suitcase itself because the lenght is not enough, if you do, use an x-acto knife to gently cut it off and then use glue to keep seams on the outside)

Step 3: The "0"

Now to the "0"s. We need two. It's width should match the width of your "D" ring buckles. It will hold them.

I used a coin to first make a template. Remember those two red lines? This is exactly what's goes between them so don't make it too long. Mine is 4 centimeters.

Step 4: "D"s

Allright we're almost there. Use a pin to indicate where to make holes for rivets.

It helps to bend it while you're making these marks. In that case when you wear these cuffs,it's not gonna be that tough to bend it aound your wrist. Other way it might have a tendency to get straight...and not look so nice.

Then use a hole puncher, but a drill is good enough too. Two holes here... two holes there....

And don't forget "D" ring buckle before you add rivets of course. You might put there two D rings so a belt can be attached too.

After adding rivets glue the rest together, at least edges.

Finally add a chain. Best to visit a pet shop for that. And we are done i guess.

Hope you like this project and Have a nice day guys :)

Step 5: Like a Boss

Yeah! Now we're talking..