Handheld Gameboy - Using Arduino (with Snake Game)




Introduction: Handheld Gameboy - Using Arduino (with Snake Game)

Hello friends,

This is a very interesting project, i loved building it.

For the people who would want to build it, i have uploaded many copies of the schematic, and pcb design (handmade), take reference from all those if you cant figure our the connections or components in any of one.

I have always wanted to make an instructables on how to design PCBs like these in your house, because these are very cheap and flexible. you can alter the connections very easily.

Enjoy the project buddies...

Step 1: Building the PCB

To be honest, i made the design in december of 2015, built the PCB in next few days. But i programmed it in the March of 2017. I think i was involved in other projects and i forgot about it so i completed it when i got some time. although programming it was not a tough deal it took me like not more than 1 day.

If you want to make the pcb like I did, then I am sorry to say that there is no instructable/tutorial to build PCB like these, the existing techniques can be close to it, but i find that this is the best, cheapest technique to build pcb like these, these are very robust and you can alter the connections when ever you like.

anyway, do take reference from all the files, i have uploaded many copies of the schematic, i didnt have this big scanner at the time, but i have tried my best.

Do email me if you face any problem in designing the PCB samarth.artist@gmail.com

Step 2: Arduino Programming

I used arduino as programmer, used it to upload the program in the microcontroller then took the microcontroller out of it and fixed it in the PCB.

You can do whatever you like, either you can build it using breadboard, but it will be fragile and messy.

Good Luck with it...

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