Introduction: Handmade Fishing Lures

Here is a simple and inexpensive way to create bait to fish for food to sustain you or to seek pleasure in a hobby that gives you enjoyment.

Fishing lures are a seductive means of attracting fish to a fisherman's line.  The lure's vibration, movement, and color draw the fish in hook, line, and sinker!

Materials Needed:  Items needed can be purchased at any craft store and include earring hooks, colored beads that fit earring hook and fish hook, fishing hooks (one, two, or three hook styles), various colors of feathery, wispy type material, thicker waxed thread, and waterproof glue.  Tools required are a pliers and scissors.

Step 1:

Take an earring hook and attach colored beads to it.  You can use a few beads to make the lure attractive or one bead - it is up to you.  Every lure will be unique!  Then use the pliers to bend the wire so the beads don't come off. 

Step 2:

Take the fish hook and use the pliers to open the eye.  Attach the hook to the earring hook and use the pliers to close the fish hook eye back up.  The two hooks are now connected.  Use some glue and attach a bead to the pointed tip of the fish hook.

Step 3:

Pick a small grouping of colored feather material and cut about a 2-4 in piece of waxed thread depending on size of fish hook.  Wrap the thread around the fishing hook a couple times then add feathery material and continue wrapping to secure feathers in string but leaving enough to be wispy.  Wrap tightly on the straight part of the hook until covered.  Trim excess.

Step 4:

The final step is to spread the waterproof glue on the string and let the lure dry.  The project is then complete.  A simple, yet effective, way to "lure" those fish to your line!