Handmade Gift Ideas : How to Make DIY Pop Up Birthday Greeting Card



Introduction: Handmade Gift Ideas : How to Make DIY Pop Up Birthday Greeting Card

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Handmade Gift Ideas are so special aren't they? There is nothing as personalized as learning how to make DIY Pop Up Birthday Greeting Cardfor your friends, family and loved ones. Easy paper craft ideas such as this easy greeting card idea for beginners, is a fun family craft and also a quick DIY Fun Craft Project to make with your kids.Make pop up birthday cards for friends or a pretty pop up birthday card for your mom too!

This Pop up birthday card tutorial gives you the best ideas for handmade birthday card. Who knew pop up birthday Greeting card making could be so much fun!

Watch the easy step by step an learn an easy pop up birthday card making design.

Step 1: Material Required

There are very few basic craft supplies that you need to make the Pop Up Birthday Greeting Card :

Color Paper


Glue stick





Decorative lace and Tape




Satin ribbon flowers

Step 2: Let's Begin!

Begin your Pop Up Birthday Card by marking the following dimensions on a color paper.

Cut the paper with a ruler and a cutter and fold as shown in the tutorial to make the pop up design.

Step 3: Cover of the Card!

Cut a plain paper of the same dimensions and size as that of the card and paste the plain side of the card to the cover.

Do not stick the pop up side of the card to the cover.

Step 4: Make the Photo Holder.

Take a glossy sheet and cut out a paper measuring 7 cm x 4 cm and cut out a circle in the center.

Paste this paper in the center of the pop up design and decorate its edges with a decorative tape.

Also cover the complete edges of all four corners of the card and decorate it with decorative tape.

Step 5: Decorate Your Card!

Go crazy with your imagination and make birthday themed decoration paper cut outs for the Pop up card.

Design, cut and paste a 2- tier birthday cake and paste it along with triangular streamer and balloons to make the card look prettier.

Decorate the pop up design using various shapes and styles of decorative stones, satin ribbon flowers.

Paste the decorative flower stickers on the photo holder.

Tie and pack the birthday card with a pretty and elegant decorative lace.

Step 6: Insert a Cute Picture!

Now all you have got to do is to insert a cute image of the birthday boy or girl and voila! Isn't this easy paper craft idea a fun craft to make? Your very on handmade easy Pop up Birthday Greeting Card is something that you just made. Believe me!Watch the complete step by step tutorial on how to make this easy Pop up Birthday Greeting Card and in just a few simple steps you will have a lovely Handmade Gift for the Birthday of your loved one!

Have fun and make this easy birthday greeting card very soon!

Step 7:

Step 8: Let's Decorate

Step 9:

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