Handmade String Phone !




Introduction: Handmade String Phone !

Hey there!

Today I will show you how to build your first telephone.

This telephone is a very basic communication device via simple string and 2 plastic boxes.


  • Two Plastic Boxes / Cups.
  • Some String.
  • Sharp Object (Skewer/Needle/Scissors)
  • Two Paperclip

Step 1: Punch a Small Hole in Center of the Bottom of Each Cup.

Use the sharp object (Skewer/Needle/Scissors) from our supplies and be careful!

Step 2: Thread One End of String Through the Bottom of Each Cup.

Thread the string through each cup and through the paperclips.

Step 3: ​Place a Paperclip

Place a paperclip or toothpick at the bottom of each cup and tie the loose end of the string around it (the clip or pick is just here to keep the string from slipping through the bottom of the cup).

Step 4: Lets Talk!

Holding its end of the cup so the string becomes tight!

One person talks into one cup while the other person holds it to the ear, and listen.

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    Question 1 year ago

    Does it really work?


    Answer 1 year ago

    I've used these as a kid. They work 'kind-of' if the string is tight and usually not touching anything else (free in the air). In my experience it was implemented with 'tin' cans. In any case they are fun to experiment with.