Handmade Wooden Chandelier

Introduction: Handmade Wooden Chandelier

I made this modern wooden chandelier using mdf and beech wood!

Step 1: The Design

By using this design and printing it to my desirable measurments ,about 60cm width and 90cm height, made the template for my chandelier.

Step 2: Starting

Using my template i cutted out 10 peices of 1.6cm mdf sheet and then carved the inside for the wiring.Then glued the 2 pieces together to make the 5 total branches of the chandelier.

Step 3: Center Piece -assembly

After i finished the branches i made the center piece on the lathe again with template and connected them together with dowels

Step 4: Finishing-painting

I used white lacker for finish.

Step 5: Wiring -final Touches

Finally i connectet all the wires , lampholders , lampshades ,chains and hooks

Step 6: Installation

I mounted on the ceiling and lighted up!

I think it looks cool on my living room, hope you like it!

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    6 years ago

    Whoa, you made this out of wood? That's impressive!

    Thank you for sharing; I think this is the first wooden chandelier I've ever seen! :)