Handpainted Essential Oil Diffuser Box



Introduction: Handpainted Essential Oil Diffuser Box

How to Make a Handpainted Essential oil Diffuser box .

Step 1: Go to the Thrift Store

Go find a box that has enough room to store your essential oil bottles inside, and even better if you can find one that has a drawer or opening on it somewhere (youll see why ), heres a good example of one with an opening at the top and enough room for bottles, ( i never took a picture of mine before i painted it oops) a good tip is to find ones that have something wrong with them like scratches or missing screws or pieces, youll get a deal and we can work with any style box as long as it will fit your bottles, plus youll be painting it so who cares if its scratched:)

Step 2: Paint It All One Color

Paint the whole thing a base color, i chose black, this will take awhile and be tedious if your not entertained, i listened to an entire e book during the making of this project haha , i used a fan brush as it was best for getting into every crack and crevice. give it a couple coats , and do a 3 60 to make sure you got everywhere including inside the drawers

Step 3: Find Your Images and Inspiration

you have a whole lot of options now on what you can do artistically, i chose to go kinda zen hippie and i painted moon phases a ying yang and i found a cool moon on google i wanted to change up n make my own . so this step is to go and find inspiration wherever you can, also decide where you want the images to go on your box.

Step 4: Tracing ,etching, Taping and Tracing Over

since youll want your images to all be the right size and in the right place, this is what i do : put your tracing paper over the box where you want the image to be and cut it so it will fit in that spot, then put the tracing paper over your drawing and trace your image onto the paper so it fits perfectly, flip the paper over and draw all over it with pencil, then flip it back over and tape it onto your box back where you measured before, now use a pen or pencil to trace the lines , once done remove the taped paper and you will have a pencil line to guide you once you start painting. it sound detailed but its really easy.

Step 5: Choose Your Colors and the Painting Begins

choose some nice colors and now that you have all your images transferred onto the box you can begin to paint them , i suggest using a very fine detail brush , youll need a steady hand but i believe in you :) use any colors you want, its your box, use your imagination!

Step 6: Is It Dry? Then Clear Coat It!

this step is simple, once its all dry , get paint on clear coat and brush it all over, inside and out, avoid the hinges cus they wont be able to open and close if you get clearcoat on them, i suggest using the fanbrush again for this step , for those nooks and crannies, let the coat dry and give it another one, dont use spray as it wont get into all the areas, and use ventilation folks, we dont want brain damage.

Step 7: Technically Its Done But .....

we wanted to make this box functional as well as pretty right , that was our plan all along so heres where i tell you why we needed a box with a drawer or opening, ...... were going to diffuse our oils out of this opening !!!!!! fancy hey ? well its quite simple really, all you gotta do is put something inside the drawer or opening that will absorb essential oils, you can choose, felt, cotton balls, q tips, scraps of fabric, those fancy essential oil balls made of lava rock etc, i chose felt for mine since its super cheap and comes in pretty colors, cut it to shape and put into drawer , drip 10 or so drops of oil onto it and have a seat, youve now made a beautiful box that not only holds your essential oil bottles safely but also puts out a scent !

Step 8: Last Step: Be Proud of Your Accomplishment :)

well look what youve made my friend! youve done good ! now sit back an admire your work , take in some wonderful smells and be proud of a job well done . (heres pics of my finished product i hope yours looks even more beautiful) if you guys make one of these send me a pic id love to see how it came out caitlinkimber@gmail.com

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    4 years ago

    Nice paintjob, I like it :)


    4 years ago

    Looks very Spriritual