Introduction: Hands Free Door

This is a hands-free door for COVID 19

Step 1:

Step 2: Step 1-Components

You need a

1) Arduino Uno

2) A breadboard

3)N-Channel MOSFET 60V 30A Transistor

4) 10k ohms resistor

5)Diode Rectifier - 1A 50V

6) Ultrasonic Sensor - HC-SR04

7) Lock-style Solenoid 12VDC

And some jumper wires

Step 3: Step-2 Circuit Connections

1) Arduino GND to BUS GND

2) Arduino Vin To Bus POS

3)SolenoidLock VCC to Bus POS

4)SolenoidLock GND to DIRect1A50v pos

5)DIRect1A50v neg to Bus POS

6)DIRect1A50v pos to TNMOSFETFQP D

7)TNMOSFETFQP G to Arduino Uno 2

8)TNMOSFETFQP G to Res10KO con1


10)HCSR04 ECHO to Arduino Uno 3

11)HCSR04 GND to Bus GND

12)HCSR04 TRIG to ArduinoUno 4

13)HCSR04 VCC to ArduinoUno 5v

(Note) I will upload the code in 2 days.