Introduction: Hands Free Music Page Turner

Hi I’m Keira. I am 9 in fourth grade. I was thinking of ideas and I thought of a page turner. Then, I thought of my brother who plays band, I thought, we could make a page turner for music books! That’s how I though of this idea! My dad screwed the screws in, helped me measure it and publish it. I did the rest!


1- 5 ft 2x3
2- 2 ft 2x3
1- 1 ft 2x3
1- 16 in 2x3
20.5x16 in ⅜ thick plywood
7- 2.5x16 3-8 thick plywood
2 ft long small piano hinge with screws
Spool of string
1 in screws
2 inch screws

Step 1: Make 7 Half Inch Holes in the 1ft Piece

Step 2: Take the 2 Ft Pieces and Screw on the 20.5x16 Piece With 1 Inch Screw in Each Corner, Leaving 3.5 Inches on One Side.

Step 3: Make ⅜ Inch Holes at the Top of the 2.5x16 Pieces.

Step 4: Screw on the 1 Ft Piece to the Top of the 5 Ft Piece With a 2 Inch Screw

Step 5: Screw on the 5 Ft Part on the Edge of the 2 Ft Piece With 2 Inch Screw.

Step 6: Take the 16 in Part and on the Ends Cut a 45 Degree Angle. Screw It on Attached to the 5 Ft and 2 Ft Pieces With a 2 in Screw.

Step 7: Cut the Hinges With a Metal Cutter So It Is 2.5 Inch 7 Pieces.

Step 8: Drill Holes in the Hinges So It Looks Like the Pic Below.

Step 9: Screw All the 2.5x16 Pieces and the Hinges on With Screws to the 20.5x16 Piece.

Step 10: Screw 1 in Screw Lining Up With the 2.5x16 Pieces, Don’t Screw the Screws in All the Way!

Step 11: Tie String Long Enough So It Stays, Repeat for All 7, These Are Your Pedals!

Step 12: Tie String in the Holes of the 2.5x16 Long Enough to Reach the Pages, Through the Holes at the Top. Tie the String to Paper Clips.

Step 13: Testing

How it works!

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