Introduction: Hands Free Toilet Flusher

Hello, my name is Jude and I am in 1st grade. This is my first invention. I made it with my younger brother and my dad and I liked it. I drew a picture of my idea and my dad did the screws.


- 2 pieces of scrap wood

- Screws

- Drill or screwdriver

- 1 door hinge

- String

- Paper towel or toilet paper

- Tape

- Measuring tape

Step 1: Step1: Draw Picture

I drew a picture so we knew how it should look and how to build it.

Step 2: Add Door Hinge to First Piece of Wood

Open hinge so that it opens and closes like a crocodile. Put hinge on piece of wood and drill screws into door hinge to wood. My dad did this but I helped.

Step 3: Add Other Piece of Wood to Other Side of Hinge

Place other part of hinge on your other piece of wood and drill screws into hinge and wood.

Step 4: Make a Paper and Tape Ball

My dad says this will make a "spring" to keep the pedal open when not being used. We took some paper towel, made a ball, and wrapped it in tape. Put tape ball between pieces of wood.

Step 5: Measure and Cut String

Measure from flusher to top of pedal when open. Measure same amount on string. Cut string but be careful using scissors.

Step 6: Tie One End of String in a Loop for Flusher

This loop will go around your toilet flusher.

Step 7: Tie Other End to Top of Pedal

My dad drilled a hole in the top of the pedal to put the string through and tie it.

Step 8: Try It Out!

Put pedal next to toilet. Put free loop around toilet flusher and move pedal near toilet.

Press down on pedal to flush toilet!

If it doesn't work, move pedal or shorten string.

It took us a couple tries to make it work.

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