Introduction: Hands Free Transportation Maglev

we created this as a safe way to transport light objects during quarantine it worked really well to deliver a birthday card

7th grade


56 flat bar inch and a half long neodymium magnets

Power supply

Led strip lights optional for cool effects

(2) 5 inch by 6 feet ply wood medium grade is OK you don´t want the cheap stuff but you don´t need expensive stuff

plexi glass 5 inch by 6 feet or two 3 feet sections would work

DC motor 2 pounds max

9 volt battery

10 feet of low voltage wire

stop blocks

2 line levels

Card board


Step 1: Lay Out All of Your Supplies

Lay out all of your supplies in piles according to when your going to need them.

Pile one

All of your wood

Pile two magnets and motor and propeller

All other items

Step 2: Put Together All of Your Wood

put your plexi glass on the front the plywood on the back and bottom then the stop blocks on ethier end

Step 3:

Step 4: Lay Your Magnets Down

Lay your magnets down on the track and the bottom of your car with some hot glue Press firmly and make sure thats its dry.

Step 5: Attach the Motor and Propeller

find the center of your car and and the cener of the motor block hot glue it and put the moter and propeller in.

Step 6: Connect Wires

connect wires to motor and power supply pay close attention dont mess around with electricity

Step 7: Test

do a lot of tests to make it work.

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