Introduction: Hands Free Water Station

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Here is a simple way to wash your hands with the help of gravity. It works like this. The jug of water is suspended from a tree or something alike. A section of vinyl hose is connected to the spout at one end and on a pivoting arm on the other. When the hose is brought lower then the water level in the jug, gravity forces the water out. When the hose is brought back above that level, the water stops flowing.

Green points of interest: It's refillable. You waste less water compared to having some one pour water on your hands. It's recycles a water bottle.

You’ll need:
Nylon cord
Duct tape
3/8 Vinyl tubing
¼" x 1/8" brass fitting
2.5 gallon water jug
Water bottle
Epoxy putty
2, 3/4"x 3' Wooden dowels

Step 1: Make the Cradle

Many 2.5 gallon jugs have ribbed sides. These ribs are going to be used to help hold the cord cradle in place.

Take 10’ of cord and tie a knot with the ends so you have a large loop of cord. Form a larks foot at both ends and slip them over the ribs of the jug. To help keep the cord in place you can put duct tape over the ribs.

Attache a hook made from a strong piece of wire onto the handle of the cradle.

Step 2: Fit the Hose

Thread the brass fitting into the spout of the jug. Push the vinyl hose onto the fitting. Use epoxy putty to seal the fitting onto the spout. The putty I’m using is called “water weld” and is designed for wet applications. It is safe for drinking water.  

You can find it in the same isle they sell glue. If not check the automotive section. 

Step 3: Make the Counter-weight

Fill a water bottle with sand. Place a 3/4" wooden dowel into the bottle. Secure it in place with a piece of duct tape. For the hands free part you'll need to tie a section of cord to the end of the second dowel.  

Step 4: Set Up

While your out in the wilderness you can use a tree branch but, for demonstration purposes, we'll hang this from the rain gutter of my house.

Make another 10' loop of cord. Throw this over a tree branch so half of it is on each side. Now you should have two loops hanging down. Make a larks foot with both loops and place the dowel with the water bottle through it.

Fill the jug up with water and snap the spout back into place. Hang the jug (in it's cradle) onto the larks foot by the wire hook. At this point if you let the hose dangle you’ll start spilling water. So make sure to keep the hose above the water line.

Since you may hang this from a different height every time you camp, the “pedal” has to be adjustable. Here’s how you do that. Take the loose end of hose together with the free end of the counter weighted dowel and lower it past the bottom of the jug. Take the other dowel, with the cord tied to one end, and lay it flat on the ground. Pull the slack out of the cord and wrap it around the hose and upper dowel. When you let go the counter weight should pull the lower dowel or “pedal” off the ground.

When you step on the dowel pedal the hose will lower past the water line and start flowing. If you need to adjust the location of the counter-weight simply slide the upper dowel in or out of the larks foot until you get it just right.

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