Hands and Feet for the Etsy-Helen Keller Project




Introduction: Hands and Feet for the Etsy-Helen Keller Project

This is my battle plan for the Etsy Labs - Helen Keller School project to make hands and feet for the children to us as learning tools.

Details on the project can be found here

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Old Denim Jeans
Fabrics with Textures
Other textures that can be attached to hands or feet safely
(be aware of possible choke hazards ie small buttons)

Sewing machine or Serger

It is important if you decide to use fabric that the items are washable. This is why i chose to use denim as a backing

Textures and colours are also important.
The children can use thier tactile senses to feel the different textures on the hands making them useful learning tools.
People with sight impairments often have some sight and bright colours are visiable to some of the children atthe school.

Step 2: Draw a Hand

Use your hand to draw a basic hand shape and then exaggerate the hand and make it slightly cartoony.

Cut the hand out.

Step 3: Denim Hand

Take a pair of old jeans (wash them first!)and cut down the seam to flatter the leg out.

Using your hand template, trace around the hand and cut it out.

Step 4: Texture Hand

Use the template to trace and cut out the hand as you did with the demin, on the textured fabric.

Cut the hand slightly smaller than the demin hand if you will be using a sewing machine.

Cut the hand the same size as the demin hand if you will be using a serger.

Step 5: Pin Fabrics Together

Pin the texture to the demin.

Step 6: Sew the Hand

Sew the two hands together.

With a sewing machine use the zig-zag and applique the smaller texture on the demin.

With a serger overlock the two hands together.

Step 7: Finish

and you have a hand!

Etsy labs needs as many hands and feet with textured (not necessarily sewn) as possible before August 5.

Please follow the link on the Intro page for more info.

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    Why are children using these? (lovely instructional though) Are they blind or challenged in other ways? How do they use these? Thank you!