Introduction: Hands-on Head Hat

In winter people loose their gloves. Many people loose one glove. As a semi professional lost glove collector, I find dozens. Their once was a website where you could post found gloves, or look for lost ones. That was no succes. So here I am left with bags full of single gloves.

May be you don't need to cover your ears with your hands when it's cold. Just put on your glove hat. Works for party's too or any dress up occasion. So here is how I made my winter, joker, jester, harlequin, festive,carnival, silly, glove hat.


When you want to make one you will need:

5 adult gloves, Knitted or fleece, no skiïng or leather. 6 small gloves, children or lady's, again knitted or fleece. A sewing machine. (or needle and time) sewing yarn a pair of scissors Small piece of strong (cotton) yarn or small ribbon to tie the top

Step 1: 5 Big Gloves in the Center

Place 5 gloves next to each other in the best color composition. Thumbs folded upward. With a broad zigzag sew the gloves together, holding two at each side of the sewing machine needle. Start at the hem of the gloves, stop 1,5 inch, 4,5 cm from the top of the fingers. The thumb does'n't count. You sew index finger to little finger, or index to index, or little to little. Keep thumbs on what is going to be outside.

Close the ring by sewing glove 1 to glove 5 the same way as you did the others.

may be you want to test for size. If too big, you could make a overlap.

Gather all ring fingers and middle fingers and tie them together with string, yarn or ribbon

Step 2: 6 Little Gloves in the Rim

This works exactly the same as the big gloves. Sew two together with broad zigzag, from hem to 1 inch, 3 cm below fingertips. Fold thumbs upward. Connect only index and little fingers.

Close in a ring by joining first to last glove.

Step 3: Join Rim and Cap

Put the ring of small gloves round the cap. Let the hem of the small gloves protrude from the cap part. Turn inside out and sew with zigzag stich along the border of the cap. When finished turn inside out, and put it on your head for instant result. .

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