Introduction: Handsaw Pizza Cutter

Here is my take on a pizza cutter, it's a fun way to cut pizza and a great conversation starter.

Best of all it's made completely by hand, out of a small offcut and a re-purposed plastic handled pizza cutter.

Step 1: What You Need to Make It

Offcut of timber - 170mm x 200mm x 18mm

Plastic handled pizza cutter - one you can break apart


Vice or Clamps to hold workpiece in place

Coping saw


Hand Drill

Sandpaper 100g , 150g , 180g


Glue (epoxy or super glue)


Step 2: Marking Your Shape and Preparing Cutter

I had an old hand saw laying around so I roughly traced around the edge to give me my handle.

Break apart the plastic handle of the cutter and clean it off so it is bare metal

Step 3: Start Cutting!

Using your coping saw start cutting the outline, keeping steady and straight will save alot of sanding later in the process

To cut the centre of the handle you will need to drill 1 or more holes then detach the blade on your coping saw then put blade through hole then re-attach and continue cutting

Step 4: Filing and Sanding

Using a coarser file to start smoothing off the cut edges will speed up the process, try keeping the file moving at an angle so it doesnt tear the wood grain from cutting straight across it.

Then finally work through your sandpaper i started at 100g went to 150g then 180g to finish

Step 5: Fitting the Cutter

firstly mark out where you want your cutter to go with pencil then cut it with the handsaw. try the cutter to see if it fits- if its close use coarse sand paper to widen gap slightly. you want a tight fit

once its in place you can glue it with either epoxy or a strong super glue.

Step 6: Final Touch Ups and Oiling

Use a similar colour wood filler to fill any over cuts from fitting the cutter

let it set then give it a final sand all over to remove any finger marks, dings etc

Try to use a natural oil as it will be close to food and could possibly taint the taste.

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