Introduction: Handy Things to Know About Makey Makey GO AND a Fun Game

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A lot of people get a MaKey MaKey GO and have no idea what to do with it. You can play some fun games on scratch and make it within arms reach at all times! All you need is a MaKey MaKey GO and a computer that can access scratch!

Step 1: First Handy Thing to Know

The first handy thing I have to show you is that you can put it on your fridge. Or anything metal! This works because on the back of your GO there is a magnet.

Step 2: Now the Second!

Were on to the second handy thing already! Well the next thing is that you can put it on any key-chain using the key-chain on the end of your GO! Pretty cool right?

Step 3: The Last Thing I Have to Show You

The last thing to show you is that there is a way to never lose your wires. You can connect them in the two slots on the end of your GO.

Step 4: BONUS!!!!!

Wait! There is a fun game I forgot to show you! Just go to this website to play fun Flappy Bird!


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