Hang Lightweight Halloween Props Without Visible Hardware

Introduction: Hang Lightweight Halloween Props Without Visible Hardware

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This is a quick and simple tutorial on how to hang lightweight items from your ceiling without screwing in hooks. The object will simply dangle from a clear thread that is attached to the ceiling without any visible hardware. This looks best on an acoustic (aka "popcorn") ceiling but can be accomplished with a smooth one.

Step 1: Supplies

You need:
Fishing line or thin monifilament (clear thread)
Lightweight objects to hang: witch hats, bats, spiders, etc.
a bamboo skewer (most are around 7/64" wide)
flat toothpicks (again, most are around 7/64" at the widest)
a sharp knife
7/64" or 1/8" drill bit and drill/dremel

Step 2: Attach the Hanging Line

Attach your object to a length of monofilament. This is best accomplished by making a small hole in your item, threading it though the hole and knotting it.

Then cut into one edge along the middle of your toothpick with a knife. Don't saw into it very far. You don't want to split it in two; you just want a place for the monofilament to catch so it doesn't slide off the toothpick.

Next, measure the length of the monofilament to be the approximate distance you want the object to hang from the ceiling. Tie it to the toothpick, making sure that it gets caught in the nick you made.

Step 3: Hanging Your Stuff

Drill a hole in the ceiling in the location where you want your object to hang. This hole should end up in a section of the ceiling that is not attached to a joist. If you drill and hit wood, don't use this hole. The goal is to be able to push the toothpick all the way through the hole into the void beyond. Once through, the toothpick will lay flat against the inner surface of the plaster, unable to fall back through the hole.

Flat toothpicks have an end that's narrower than the other. Push this end through the hole you made in your ceiling. To get the toothpick out on the other side of the hole, immediately push it through with the flat end of your skewer. Carefully pull out the skewer and your object will be secured.

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