Introduction: Hang-n-Roll Space-saver Shelving

Hanging shelving saves floor space. Rolling units allow full access to over 31 cubic feet of storage -- no drawers, no doors, no long lost items!


1. Ikea Hyllis shelving units (7) - galvanized steel

2. Wood - 3/4" x 1 1/2" boards

3. Modell non-swivel top plate fixed rubber casters 1" (28) - Amazon

4. Metal rails - angle aluminum or iron 8' length for 7 shelf units - (2 - 2" Ls & 1 - 1 1/2" L) or (1 U 3"-4" & 1 L 1 1/2")

5. Construction screws 3/4" and 3 1/2", drill-driver, screw and drill bits. (Optional nut/bolt sets.)

Step 1: Build Ikea Hyllis Shelving Units.

An almost 8' length wall can accommodate 7 Ikea Hyllis units in this example. With each unit about 11" wide, you have enough room to roll each shelving unit across rails to see and reach any item stored. Build Hyllis units in any shelf configuration that suits you. Use a drill-driver to match up all screw holes.

Step 2: Build Rollers

Cut lengths of wood board to fit Hyllis 11" widths. Screw on wheel pairs on ends (pre-drill all holes).

Step 3:

Screw on pairs of wheel sets (rollers) to Hyllis outer tops (pre-drill all holes).

Step 4: Back Rail, Front Rail, Roll Shelving On

Back rail - attach L angle metal to back wall near ceiling with 3 1/2" screws, ensure enough room for easy shelf unit rolling. Be sure to screw into studs and pre-drill all holes. If the first and last holes are vertical slot holes, this allows easier placement on wall for leveling and matching the other rail before securing all other screws.

Front rail - I attached 2 - 2" L angle metal to each other with small nut/bolt sets because no U was immediately available. This actually made it easier to first screw one L into the ceiling joists then bolt the other L to it, this makes a "U" rail. To assist in correct placement, drill slot holes in the ceiling metal to adjust distance to the back rail. All holes should be pre-drilled.

Roll Hyllis units onto the rails then cut wood as an end stop and screw in. Picture shows the 1 1/2" board because it was handy. I will change it to a wider board to reach the ceiling.

My rails almost meet a window which will be changed into a doorway soon. Units will be rolled to the left to keep the doorway more spacious. Rolling shelving to locate items is very easy to search all 31.5 cubit feet of storage.

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