Introduction: Hang on Wall Betta/small Fish Aquarium

this is about how to make a small aquarium you can hang on a wall                     warning
                                                                                                                  dont make it to heavy or it can
                                                                                                                  fall of the wall and kill your fish.

         ps I will add pictures later 

Step 1: Supplies

1. tuperwear container without anything on the bottom
2. gravel or decorative stones
3. small plant (fake)
4. aquarium sealant
5. 2 nails with heads

Step 2: Tuperwear Container

first cut a small hole on one side of the tuperwear( big enough for you to put gravel a plant and a fish through)
then poke the nails through two spots close to the edge where the hole is.

Step 3: Sealing

put sealant in the grove on the lid all the way around the lid where the bottom and lid connect and wait for it to dry

Step 4: Hang

hang your aquarium in a spot that isnt in direct sunlight or under an air conditoner wher it looks good and the wall is strong

Step 5: Add Gravel and Plant

hold the tuperwear on its side so the hole is on topput gravel in through the hole so it is half an inch deep every where on the bottom. then put in the plant in the middle so it is stuck in the gravel. add room temperature declorinated water and your fish and your done.