Hang Your LCD Without Breaking the Wall and Save Space

Introduction: Hang Your LCD Without Breaking the Wall and Save Space

Hello people, this is my second instructable. It's a really simple trick but maybe someone didn't think about it. Is to hang the LCD in a scenario where there are shelves (or something) up, thus avoiding breaking the wall, saving space as well as facilitating the cleaning of the surface of the table (no need to be doing juggling to clean behind the monitor )

Before continuing I want to apologize for my English, as they will realize it is not the best of all:) I'm from Argentina (Santa Fe, to be precise) and I'm still learning English.

The materials are just a strong thread also recommend a second thread to introduce thinner easily slot for some LCD and have the security mechanism in case the main thread to break or disengage, some nails and of course, an LCD (who are encouraged to try a CRT? :) )

In this case I'm using a 24" Samsung LCD. It is slightly heavy.

Step 1: Secure the Wires to the Monitor Using Screws

Secure the wires to the monitor using screws. Not much more to explain here, just make sure you are very well bolted. If you're scary, you can use the 4 holes instead of just two.

Step 2: Use Nails to Secure the Threads.

I am using nails to secure the threads to the rack and thus need not pierce the wall, anticipating that might regret later. I'm changing things around a lot.

I forgot to photograph it, but after securing the crushed wire nail so that there is no way they get out.

Step 3: Finally, Enjoy the Space!

Finally, we can only clean (this kind of thread very dirty when handled) and enjoy the extra space just to win.

It could be located above the LCD, or side, to use both screens (my laptop has an LED display Dell 15.5 "), but in my case actually ends up being uncomfortable for me.

Welcome to my little studio:) (Actually is my bedroom)

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Nice hack. I would be worried that the twine would degrade and fail. Perhaps picture hanging kit would be a better and cleaner solution.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Hi! Thanks for passing. Actually I'm a bit worried too, that's why tomorrow I'll be changing for nylon threads, no way to degrade them and they "supports" 30kg local "dorado" fishes :) (I like to fish) and trust me, they like to fight back so that threads should do it just great. In adittion, I'll use the all 4 screws and not just 2, so I can sleep peacefully.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Clever Idea in using the upper shelf rather than the wall.