Introduction: Hanging a Monitor on a Wall Revisited

I was inspired by this instructable: but when visiting the hardware store for the parts I found something better and I wanted to share.

As with the linked instructable, I was looking for a way to hang my side monitors on the wall to free up some desk space underneath. I already have 2 22" monitors mounted using VESA swivel arm mounts but they cost me over $80 for the pair, even when ordering online. Since the 2 monitors I wanted to mount directly on the wall were smaller (and less expensive) 17", I thought something homemade would do the trick.

Step 1: The Tools/Materials

The main item that makes this different from the instructable I read earlier is the picture hanging system I found. This was at a True Value hardware store, I'm sure other hardware stores would also carry similar systems.

Aside from the system, you will need something to fasten the mount to the wall. I didn't want to have to worry about finding a stud and hoping it was near where I wanted to put the monitor, so I grabbed these special screws for mounting things in drywall. They're rated at 50lbs each, and since my monitors are cheap I'm not worried about them falling (not that I think they would).

Lastly, you'll need bolts to attach your monitor to the picture hanging bracket, and screws to attach the bracket to the wall. The whole set up set me back about $14.

As far as tools go, the plastic mounting screws are self tapping, but I drilled pilot holes to be safe. A cordless drill does wonders here, and a vice helps for punching holes in the picture mounting kit.

Step 2: Prep the Monitor

Prepare your monitor next by removing the stand. I recommend putting the screws back in so you can put the stand back on later should you decide you need to.

Step 3: Modifying the Hardware

Now that we have everything ready, you need to modify the hardware to be able to use it. Line up the "picture" piece of the kit with the back of your monitor, and mark where the holes need to go. Technically you don't need to be exact here, but I would eyeball it and try to get close. Then punch the holes in it with your drill. I would use a vice to hold the piece in place, if you have it.

Once you have the holes drilled, go ahead and screw it on. I used washers for added support, but they probably aren't necessary.

Step 4: Mount Point

Next we need to figure out where to put the wall piece of the kit. To do this, I laid it on the monitor as it would be on the wall, and made a mark. Then I measured the distance from the top and side to determine where it goes.

Step 5: Wall Mount

Since I was putting this monitor next to another, I measured down the distance I measured from the top of the monitor, and then over from side the distance I measured from the side of the monitor. This will tell you where the corner of the bracket goes, so you can then put the bracket on the wall, tweak until it's level, then mark where the holes are.

Drill the holes, put in your mounting system, and screw the bracket to the wall.

Step 6: Finish Up

Now just set your monitor on the wall and you're set!

I really like how this worked out, the system is very forgiving horizontally, if you need to slide it over to the left or right you can very easily, and they also come off very easily as well. Hopefully this will help others looking for a cheap alternative to more expensive VESA mounts.