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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....
ok not so long time ago and not so far ...Planet Earth , Middle Europe - some time ago :)

A boy named Kuba wanted to get own bed - flying bed. He wanted to be more independend (on his younger brother). So he asked his father , what is possible to do ,to make his dream come true ...Then a wizard appeard in boy`s room and ....ok ,this is not a fairytale. Just a short manual how to make cheap hanging bed :)

Let`s start

Step 1: What Do We Need to Get There

Of course hanging bed is a dream of many young boys , but to get there we have to had a ladder or stairs.
In my case i decided to make stairs with cabinets. So in first step i will write a few things about "stairs to heaven" which you can see near the window in room on picture.

I needed a plan so i drawn it in SketchUp - dimensions are strictly linked with space which i had between wall and bed - the first bed standing on the floor. Take a look at picture from SketchUp (with dimension). I order all elements in local shop with furniture boards.

Second step was the bed so i bought:

- 4 spruce boards

- 4 strongties

- some screws to concrete

- some screws to wood

- a few meters of 3mm steel rope in transparent cover

- 1 bed frame ? (see picture) - a cheapest one from market

- 2x concrete anchor

- 2x nut with ear

- 4x rope clamp

Forgive me if some "technical names" will be wrong.English is not my native so sometimes is hard to find proper name for some elements. Look at pictures.

Step 2: Stairs to Heaven

You saw the plan so it`s time to connect all boards together with screws.

In this one element we have :

-stairs to upper level

- 2x deep drawers

- 2x cupboard /locker storage for a guy who is living on lower bed

Because i had additional boards in the same price i decided to make another hanging cupboard.You can see it on pictures - i will not write a details about it because we are talking about hanging bed here ...

Step 3: Main Frame

I lost my picture which were taken during construction so i have only a simple plan. i will try to wrote a little about it.

You have to screw together four spruce boards using strongties. Along long sides add additional boards as a stand for bed frame (purchased in shop) Screw it together to wall using proper screws. Steel rope is going under second additonal board and mounted to ceiling with steel concrete anchors. Add nut with ear and secure it with rope clamps.

Later I added a little barrier to not allow to fall down during sleep.

Before hanging it , i painted it of course - on white.

Step 4: Final

Bed is in service since few years and still in good condition. It was tested by adults too :) With children together in the same time (to check if it will not fall down) !

So it is durable. Steel rope from manual has 540kg of load - it is enough even for adult.

Screws - which i used 16x for wall - 100kg load each.

And of course wood screwed together using steel ....

I added LED lights with dimmer to allow to play on bed or read a books.

If you will need more information - i will try to add more photos with technical details of hanging bed. One more thing - "Professional" hanging beds costs over 500E or even 1000E. My bed cost me about 100-150E with cupboards :)

P.S On some photos you can see a space ship ;) It will be another story to put here on "Instructables". This Space Ship on real "timeline" was a few years ago when my boys were younger ...It was handmade LED chandelier.

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