Hanging Bird Feeder ( From a Coffee Cup)

Introduction: Hanging Bird Feeder ( From a Coffee Cup)

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Create a hanging bird feeder from a coffee cup and get your cameras ready!

Once you have the materials, it takes about 10 minutes to create :)

Step 1:

 What you need:
Coffee Cup with lid
string ( or shoelace )
rocks ( or other items for weight )
screwdriver ( or other sharp object for gently puncturing coffee cup and lid )
scissors ( for cutting string to desired length )

Tape ( if your coffee cup lid has big holes ) or you want to firmly secure lid to cup

Step 2:


1 - Gently make a hole in the bottom of the cup ( centered ). 
Note: I recommend a screwdriver and gently rotate it so that it creates a smooth indent and gently creates a hole...OR you can crease/damage your cup

2 - Gently make a hole in the lid

3 - Using scissors cut a suitable length of string ( probably 2-3 feet ) so you can hang the birdfeeder and tie a knot on the end ( or a few knots depending on how big your hole is ) 

4 - Insert the string into the bottom of the cup and pull through

Step 3:

5 - String the lid on ( upside down as shown ). This is what will hold the bird feed

6 - Insert rocks in the cup. This is to weigh the cup down so as to not swing too much if birds land on the cup or if it is windy.

7 - Line the chopsticks on top of the cup for a reference point equidistant from the string

8 - Gently create a hole for the first chopstick/perch. The hole needs to be about 1inch or more down from the top of the cup..so as to not hinder the upside down lid which slides down into the cup

Step 4:

 9 - Insert the chopstick and gently create the exit point on the other side ( Again from the outside of the cup using a screwdriver and holding the cup, gently create the exit point )

10 - Complete step 9 and push the chopstick all the way through and, using the first chopstick as a reference, align the second chopstick parallel to the first

11  and 12  - Repeat steps 8-10 and insert the second chopstick

Step 5:

 13 - If done correctly it should look like this. Now is the time to add any additional weight to the cup or any decorations

14 - Now pull the lid down ( Depending on the lid, you might need to tape it in place )

15 - Add 'bird-approved' bird feed

16 - Hang from your outside beam or rafter

That's it!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    really easy to make, i love it :D thanks for sharing


    12 years ago on Introduction

    is it durable though? what would happen when it rains?

    Is it capable of taking the weight of the birds?

    Seems like a really nice idea though.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah all good points. Thanks for the comments!

    If paper, my guess is over time it will take a beating...but its better than one use and right in the trash. However, my guess is that if it is a 'coated' cup then it will last more.

    I don't know if it will take the weight of big birds...time will tell. ;)