Introduction: Hanging Bird Feeder ( From a Coffee Cup)

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Create a hanging bird feeder from a coffee cup and get your cameras ready!

Once you have the materials, it takes about 10 minutes to create :)

Step 1:

 What you need:
Coffee Cup with lid
string ( or shoelace )
rocks ( or other items for weight )
screwdriver ( or other sharp object for gently puncturing coffee cup and lid )
scissors ( for cutting string to desired length )

Tape ( if your coffee cup lid has big holes ) or you want to firmly secure lid to cup

Step 2:


1 - Gently make a hole in the bottom of the cup ( centered ). 
Note: I recommend a screwdriver and gently rotate it so that it creates a smooth indent and gently creates a hole...OR you can crease/damage your cup

2 - Gently make a hole in the lid

3 - Using scissors cut a suitable length of string ( probably 2-3 feet ) so you can hang the birdfeeder and tie a knot on the end ( or a few knots depending on how big your hole is ) 

4 - Insert the string into the bottom of the cup and pull through

Step 3:

5 - String the lid on ( upside down as shown ). This is what will hold the bird feed

6 - Insert rocks in the cup. This is to weigh the cup down so as to not swing too much if birds land on the cup or if it is windy.

7 - Line the chopsticks on top of the cup for a reference point equidistant from the string

8 - Gently create a hole for the first chopstick/perch. The hole needs to be about 1inch or more down from the top of the as to not hinder the upside down lid which slides down into the cup

Step 4:

 9 - Insert the chopstick and gently create the exit point on the other side ( Again from the outside of the cup using a screwdriver and holding the cup, gently create the exit point )

10 - Complete step 9 and push the chopstick all the way through and, using the first chopstick as a reference, align the second chopstick parallel to the first

11  and 12  - Repeat steps 8-10 and insert the second chopstick

Step 5:

 13 - If done correctly it should look like this. Now is the time to add any additional weight to the cup or any decorations

14 - Now pull the lid down ( Depending on the lid, you might need to tape it in place )

15 - Add 'bird-approved' bird feed

16 - Hang from your outside beam or rafter

That's it!

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