Festive Hanging Wall Candle

Introduction: Festive Hanging Wall Candle

Make a DIY festive hanging wall candle with three easy phases with crayon candles. Make multiple and set them on a wall at different heights for a cool wall candle set:).
(Disclaimer) fire is dangerous, do not leave the candle on for an extended period of time, stay safe, do not touch metal above wire while candle is burning.

Step 1: Materials

Wall Hanger:

Wire, any type ( any malleable metal) ( for the basket) Christmas tree ferns (small pieces) Piece of wood has to be at least 3 centimeters thick to hold the nail, preferably 3 inches width and a 8 to 12 inch length to hold the leaves and matchbox as well as candle. Nail. Hook. Glue. Hammer. Box of matches ( twenty pack, paper back). Stapler.

Candle: Small Glass cup. As seen in picture 9 Dixie cups. Box of crayons. Microwave. Wax. Cotton Wicks.

Step 2: Make the Candle: Phase 1

Put the wax in the Dixie cup
Microwave the wax in the Dixie cup along with a cut crayon
Microwave for two minutes
Put it in the glass cup and let it dry ( for extra you can spray some perfume in the wax to make a scented candle.
Once it dries, apply the second layer of colored wax
Let it dry, your done with the candle :)
Great job!!! Part one complete!!

Step 3: Making the Candle Basket: Phase Two

Take the wire and make a basket around the glass cup so that the wire can hold the candle
1 wire wrapped around as seen in picture 7
2 attach u shaped wire connecting different sides of the circle as seen in step 10, repeat the process
3 Attach an oval shaped wire to the open end of the basket making it a basket that can hang like in picture 14.

Step 4: Making the Wall Attachment: Phase 3

Take the flat piece of wood and mark a point where you want to drill for the candle basket (one in the center, two at the upper left of the backside.)
Glue the leaves onto the top and bottom of the piece of wood
Drill two small holes at the top of the backside and insert hook
Once hook is inserted, hammer it in to make sure it has a firm grip as seen in picture eight
Drill the screw into the other mark
Glue the leaves into the top and bottom of the front side.
Staple the matchbox upside down below the candle
Hang on a wall and light :)

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