Hanging Cat Perch

Introduction: Hanging Cat Perch

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Today I will be teaching you how to make hanging cat perch. This is cute, easy and super simple. If you have a cat that loves to sleep all day like mine, then this is the perfect project for you.


To make this you will need:
• A Round Wood Board (This can be found at almost all craft stores or home improvement stores), I just used one I had laying around. It doesn't matter what it looks like it will be covered.
• Yarn
• Fabric
• Staple Gun
• Staples
• Pillow Stuffing

Step 1: Lay Out the Fabric and the Board

Flip over the board, and lay on top of the fabric. The back of the board I used doesn't look that good but you wont be able to see it at the end.

Step 2: Staple the Fabric to the Board

Use the staple gun and staple about 3/4 of the fabric to the board. Leave a hole to put the pillow stuffing in.

Step 3: Put the Pillow Stuffing In

Put the pillow stuffing into the pocket you have created until it is full. Staple it closed when done. You should now have a cushion.

Step 4: Add the Yarn

Take strings of yarn and wrap them around the bottom of the board and tie them at the top. You can staple it at the bottom so they stay in place. Tie them all together in a knot at the top. The amount of yarn you use depends on how heavy your cat is. The heavier the cat is, the more yarn you will need to support the cat. I used 4 strings of yarn to support my cat that weighs 14 lbs, however results may vary.

Step 5: Hang It Up and Enjoy!

Hang up the perch on a secure hook. I hung it on 2 hooks and it moved the yarn so it wasn't in the way of my cat when he's sitting there. Always monitor your cat while he is on this just in case of accidents. I hope your cat enjoys this as much as mine did!

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