Introduction: Hanging Crib Modification

We decided we would like to have a hanging crib. Because we have limited space we wanted one that would be movable, so we could get it out of the way when it was not needed. Also it would be nice to have the crib movable so we could get it close to the bed during the night

To solve this problem we invented a rails system.

Step 1: Get a Hangin Crib

Get a hanging crib, you can buy one or build one yourself. We bought one we found in a second hand store for cheap

Step 2: Make a Rails

In order to make our crib move we need a guide rail. I used a hollow 25mm galvanized steel pipe I had laying around.

Make 2 blocks to support the rails, and drill 25 mm holes in them

Step 3: Make a Runner

The runner I made consists of a block of wood as a base, a piece of pe pipe, 40mm diameter. Glued on top of the block and secured with metal strip.

I added 2 eye screws to connect the ropes for the pulley system.

I also added a big hook on the bottom to suspend the hanging crib from

Step 4: Add Pulleys

The pulleys make it possible to move the crib without leaving the bed.

In total you will need 3 pulleys, 2 single and one dubble, you want this to run as smooth as possible. The system I made is an endless loop, with the two ends of the rope on either side of the runner.