Introduction: Hanging Garden - Small Space

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I have so many pots in my garden. I know that the space become smaller, smaller, and smaller day by day. But, my friend left me two bottle when he came to my house. So, I have an idea. It called Hanging Garden - Small Space. It seems like a cliche, but I love it.

So, check this out.

Step 1: You Need

Bottle (I have two glass bottles)



Plant (I choose mint and lucky bamboo. All of it can grow in the water)


Step 2: Tie

Tie the string around the bottle neck. Tie it for 2-3 times.

Step 3: Cut

Cut the string like this.

Step 4: Cut Again

For make it hanging, cut the string for 30-60cm. It depends on you.

Step 5: Fill

Fill the bottle with water.

Step 6: Mint

I have it in my garden. I cut it for about 10cm.

Step 7: Cut Again Again

Cut all of the leaves, except the upper ones.

Step 8: Put the Mint

Put the mint into the bottle.

Step 9: Hang!

Hang it! Hang it! Hang! Hang!

Step 10: Lucky Bamboo

For the lucky bamboo, you just need to cut it and put it into the bottle of water. It's rooting by itself.

Step 11: Tadaa!

Tadaaa! Now you have your own hanging garden.
It's easy, small-space needed, and you don't need to water it everyday!

Step 12: Thank You

Thank you for coming to my garden! Bye

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