Introduction: Hanging Indoor Herb Garden

Create an indoor herb wall to pick fresh greens for all your meals. This is incredibly simple and insanely gratifying.

Step 1: Buy Your Materials

The hardware is all from Ikea's Fintorp kitchen hanging system.

9 Fintorp flatware buckets (has pre-drilled holes in the bottom) : $3.99/ea

9 packets of 4" Fintorp hooks : $2.99/pack of 2

3 Fintorp rails: $9.99/ea

Dry Erase Decals : $9.00 on Amazon

( & Reusable)

- I cut my in strips to protect the wall behind the buckets

-Great way to label your herbs & write notes about watering times/days and harvesting schedule

Step 2: Install

1. Hang your rods according to packet instructions

-Thread 6 hooks onto each rod

2. Cut & add dry erase decals

3. Add herbs to pots

4. Hang pots on rods

-2 hooks per pot

Step 3: ENJOY!

Label your herbs with dry erase marker

Water weekly and enjoy :)