Hanging Kitchen Towel Via Rubber Bands

Introduction: Hanging Kitchen Towel Via Rubber Bands

So, if you are reading this you either love rubber bands or desperately need to hang a towel and only have minutes to improvise. Either way, lets get to it with this simple trick that is almost too simple to record.

Step 1: Gather Your Items

The simplicity of this trick means you can easily substitute parts as needed. You will need:

  • 2 rubber bands or 2 hair bands or 1 rubber band and a circle of some sort
  • 1 towel

Time required: 1 minute

Step 2: Place Rubber Bands Over Each Other As Shown

Place the rubber bands as shown and get ready, we are about to join these two rubber bands!!!

Step 3: Pull Through Each Other

Pull the rubber bands through each other to lock them to each other as shown. That was an exciting step wasn't it?

Step 4: Bunch Up a Corner of the Towel Up

Take a corner of the towel and pull a bit into a bunch. This can be done many different ways.

  • You can pinch your fingers and pull a segment up through a circle made by your index finger and thumb
  • You can stick your thumb into the towel then hold that part in your hand and remove the thumb
  • You can put a bottle cap, wine cork, quarter, matchbox car, rock, marble, or eraser under the towel and bunch the towel around it
  • Develop a new method all your own!

Step 5: Attach the Rubber Bands to the Towel

Take one rubber band and wrap it repeatedly around the bunched up towel taking care to leave the other rubber band dangling free.

Note: if you opted for the item in the towel route, make sure the rubber band is holding the item in place. This might best be done by using the rubber band to seal the item in the towel much like a drawstring on a bag.

Step 6: Hang That Towel Up!

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a hanging towel.

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